Aleksandr V. Sergeyev

Aleksandr V. Sergeyev


  • Associate Professor, School of Technology
  • Affiliated Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Michigan Technological University
  • MS, Physics, Michigan Technological University
  • BS, Electrical Engineering, Moscow University of Electronics and Automation


Aleksandr Sergeyev is an associate professor in the School of Technology at Michigan Tech. His areas of expertise are electrical and computer engineering, physics, and adaptive optics. Sergeyev’s professional interests include robotics and he is a certified instructor for the FANUC Robotic Automation Industrial Certification through the Certified Education Robot Training (CERT) Program. He is also involved with the Michigan Tech Child Development Advisory Board and the Student Commission on campus.

Outside the walls of the University, Sergeyev serves as a faculty mentor for the Worldwide E-Mentoring Network for Diversity in Engineering and Science. He has industrial collaborations with GM, Ford, FANUC Robotics, BAE, Edmund Optics, Newport, and Texas Instruments. Sergeyev is active in several professional organizations, including International SPIE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the American Society for Engineering Education.

Research Interests

  • Optics
  • Signal processing
  • Image reconstruction and processing
  • Adaptive and atmospheric optics
  • Holography and laser spectroscopy
  • Engineering education

Teaching Interests

  • Optics
  • Electrical machinery
  • Power systems
  • Electronic devices and circuits
  • Real-time robotics systems
  • Programmable logic controllers

Recent Publications

  • "Meeting 21st Century Robotics and Automation Workforce Needs in the United States of America," Sergeyev, A. V., Book Chapter, Robotics in STEM Education: Redesigning the Learning Experience, Springer Publishing, 2017.
  • “Teaching Critical Skills in Robotic Automation: iR-Vision 2D Course in Robotic Vision Development and Implementation,” A. Sergeyev, S. Parmar, N. Alaraje, Technology Interface International Journal, 013-T-16, V17, #2, p. 13, 2017.
  • “Robotics and Automation Professional Development Workshop for Faculty,” A. Sergeyev, N. Alaraje, Technology Interface International Journal, V17, #1, p. 99, 2016.
  • “Technology Driven University and Community College Collaboration: Faculty Training on ARM Microcontrollers," Alaraje, N., Sergeyev, A. V., Reutter, J. , Kief, C. , Matar, B. , Hata, D. , TIIJ: The Technology Interface International Journal, Spring 2016.
  • “Technology Management as a Tool for Learning Outcomes Improvement,” I. Sergeyeva, A. Sergeyev, Technology Interface International Journal, V17, #1, p. 99, 2016.
  • “Capstone Project: PLC Control System with Integrated PID Controller for Control System optimization.” A. Atwa, I.Bumgardner, M. Bushlaibi, S. Castello, J. Erickson, A. Sergeyev, M.Azizi, International Journal of Engineering Research and Innovation, Volume 7, No 1, 2015.
  • Researching for Effective Teaching Methodologies in Industrial Robotics.” A. Sergeyev, N. Alaraje, S. Kuhl, Proceedings of 9th International Conference on E-Education, E-Business, E-Management and E-Learning, 2018.
  • “Researching a “Gold Standard” Educational Model in Robotics Automation.” A. Sergeyev, N. Alaraje, S. Kuhl, M.Kinney, M. Highum, Proceedings of 16th Annual International Conference on Education, 2018.
  • “Promoting Industrial Robotics Education by Curriculum, Robotic Simulation Software, and Advanced Robotic Workcell Development and Implementation,” A. Sergeyev, S. Parmar, S. Kuhl, V. Druschke, J. Hooker, N. Alaraje, Proceedings of IEEE Systems Conference Paper #1570324750, 2017.
  • Promoting Robotics Education by Developing New Open-Source “RobotRun” educational software,” A. Sergeyev, S. Kuhl, N. Alaraje, Proceedings of the ASEE Zone 2 Conference, 2017.
  • “Teaching Industry Relevant and Application Oriented Skills in Automation and Control by Developing State-of-the-Art Integrated Robotic Workcell,” A. Sergeyev, S. Parmar, N. Alaraje, Proceedings of the ASEE Zone 2 Conference, 2017 .
  • Development and Design of a Low Voltage, Low Current 3-Phase Power Enabled Lab Bench,” J. Staniszewski, A. Sergeyev, Proceedings of the ASEE Zone 2 Conference, 2017.
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  • Sergeyev, A. V., M. C. Roggemann. 2011. Monitoring the statistics of turbulence: Fried parameter estimation from the WFS measurements, published in Applied Optics Journal, Vol. 50, N20, June 2011.
  • Sergeyev, A. V., M. C. Roggemann, C. Demars. 2011. Near the Ground Laser Communication System: Anisoplantic Studies Based on the PSF Measurements, SPIE Defense and Security Symposium, Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 8038.
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  • Sergeyev, A. V., J. Borysow. 2008. A Non-Invasive Method for Measuring Relative Concentration of Gases (i.e. Argon) in Double-Pane Windows, Sensors and Materials Journal, Vol. 20 , No 3. 

Recent Funding

  • PI: University, Community College and Industry Partnership: Revamping Robotics Education to Meet 21st Century Workforce Needs ($702,324)
  • PI: Industrial Automation and Control Laboratory ($255,000)
  • PI: NUcor Press#1 Robotic Stacking Solution 
  • PI: Automatic Automotive Used Oil Filter Crusher ($22,305)
  • Co-PI: Engineering Technology Scholars - IMProving REtention and Student Success (ETS-IMPRESS) ($999,483)
  • Co-PI: Consortium with the focus on Advanced Manufacturing  ($24,999,863; Michigan Tech  $248,547) 
  • Consortium members: Bay College(Michigan Tech is a subcontracter), Grand Rapids Community College, Kellogg Community College, Lake Michigan College, Lansing Community College, Mott Community College, Schoolcraft College 
  • PI - ArcelorMittal: Vision System for Ladle Gate Nozzle, $15,000
  • PI - FORD: Development and Proof of Concept Demonstration of a Robotic Dynamic Brake Hose Routing System, $20,000
  • PI - DTE Energy, Portage Health, ArcelorMittal, FANUC, TI, Bosch: Industry sponsored SD Projects, $21,120
  • PI - Edmund Optics, CVI Melles Griot: Optics for Technology Students, $22,200
  • PI - GM, BAE: Robotic System Enterprise, $48,500
  • Co-PI - NSF: Regional Center of Excellence: Digital Technology Education Center (DigTEC), $899,792 (Michigan Tech $138,606)
  • Co-PI - NSF ATE: Digital Logic Design: Meeting Industry's Needs Through University and Community College Collaboration, $269,977


  • FANUC Robotics "Robot Operations"

  • FANUC Robotics "ROBOGUIDE Simulation Software"

  • FANUC Robotics "Material Handling"

  • FANUC Robotics "iRVision 2D"

  • FANUC Robotics "Advanced TPP Programming"