Trygve A. Ivesdal

Trygve  Ivesdal
  • BS Electrical Engineering 1956
  • MS Electrical Engineering 0

Trygve Ivesdal joined Raytheon Company in Wayland, Massachusetts, as an electronic design engineer. With the beginning of the microelectronics era, he moved to Raytheon’s Semiconductor Division in Mountain View, California. In 1966, he moved to Melbourne, Florida, and was part of the start-up of what today is known as Harris Semiconductor. In 1969, Trygve and three associates formed Microsystems, Florida’s first privately owned microelectronics company. In 1986, with U.S. and Scandinavian associates, he formed Scandia Telecom and Telecom International. He is currently Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of DIAL Services Ltd., an international telecommunications company.

From 1997 Induction to the Department of Electrical Engineering Academy