Teo A. Babun

Teo  Babun
  • BS Environmental Engineering 1972

Teo A. Babun Jr. graduated from Michigan Tech in 1972 with bachelor’s degrees in both electrical engineering and business engineering administration. He later received a PhD from Vision International University.

In 1980, Babun, with two partners, started General Eletro-Components, and he was named the president and CEO. He subsequently started several other enterprises, including the Babun Group Consulting Company, Cuba-Caribbean Development, Line Electric Co., Babun Shipping and New Cuba Investment Fund, Ltd. He is currently president of Babun Consulting, president and CEO of Cuba-Caribbean Development and national executive director of the Evangelical Christian Humanitarian Outreach for Cuba (ECHO-Cuba). 

Babun is the author of more than 100 manuscripts and reports on Cuban business, political and economic issues. His most recent book, “Revolution in Progress,” is a historical account of the Cuban revolution from 1953 to 1963. He is a frequent commentator on Cuba and Cuban business issues, having appeared on CNN, CNBC, the BBC and the German Television Network. He is also a guest columnist for several publications and has appeared before various US congressional committees and the US Department of State. He has often been asked to give keynote talks on Cuba’s industrial infrastructure and future business opportunities. His articles on Cuba have appeared in the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, Miami Mensual, Diario las Americas, Projecto Magazine and the Americas Business Journal. He was recently profiled in Time Magazine for his Cuban business efforts.

In addition to his work with ECHO-Cuba, he is the executive director of AmericasRelief Team, a private consortium created to help Latin-American and Caribbean countries in times of crisis and disaster, a member of the Environmental Economics Council of the National Audubon Society, the director of the Atlantic Council of the United States, vice chairman of the Salvation Army Advisory Board and a member of the Executive Committee of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

In 1981, Babun received the Outstanding Young Alumni Award from Michigan Tech. In 2002, he received an Honorary Doctorate in Letters from Miami International Seminary in recognition of his extraordinary work with urban youth in Florida and with the elder population in Cuba. 

From 2007 Induction to the Department of Electrical Engineering Academy