Voter Information

Voting is a critical aspect of democratic societies, and many Michigan Tech students vote for the first time each election year. Michigan Tech students have become more engaged in voting over the last 10 years. According to the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE), student voting increased among Tech students from 28.6% in 2012 to 56.8% in 2020.  However, Michigan Tech’s student voting rate remained 9.2% behind the national average in the 2020 election. We want to continue to improve and we hope you will help us achieve that goal! 

Where should I vote?

If you live in the Houghton area while you attend Michigan Tech, it's possible for you to register to vote here (at your on-campus or off-campus address) instead of at your permanent address, even if your previous address is out-of-state. It's up to you. The key is entering the address of where you wish to vote on the registration form. You can only vote in one place! So registering at a new address cancels any prior registrations at an old address.  In the state of Michigan, the address on your driver’s license must match where you register to vote -- if you change one you must change the other. If you choose not to register with your Tech address, you can vote absentee.  

Registering to Vote

Are you registered to vote? If you're not sure, you can start by checking online.

Check your Voter Registration

Each state's policies, procedures, and deadlines for voter registration vary. Many states, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota, allow you to register online. A full list of states with online voter registration is available below.

Register to Vote Online

The deadline to register online prior to an upcoming election is often earlier than the final deadline to register. If you are not able to register online, you may need to register in person at your local clerk's office. Check your state's options below.

Voter Registration by State

Options for Casting Your Ballot

Voting in Person

Where will you be on election day? To vote in person, you need to be in the location where you are registered to vote. In person voting times vary by state and location. You will be assigned a specific polling location based on your voter registration. If you are not going to be in that location on election day, consider voting absentee. This is very common for college students, who go to school away from home. 

In-Person Voting Info by State

Voting Absentee

Are you unable to be at your registered address for the upcoming election? Absentee voting allows you to vote at your registered address from a temporary location (such as Michigan Tech) by mail. Similar to registering to vote, each state's policies, procedures, and deadlines for voting absentee varies. 

Absentee Voting Info by State