International Student Emergency Fund

This fund was established by alumni and friends of the University to assist international students who may face unexpected hardships as a student.  These situations can be especially challenging when they are far from home.  This fund was established to provide some relief.

What is Considered to Be a Financial Emergency?

  • Students affected by COVID-19
  • The death of an immediate family member
  • An immediate family member is ill and you need to travel home
  • An illness that requires immediate medical care and/or medication
  • A personal injury or accident
  • Victim of a crime
  • Other emergency situation (fire, flood, etc.)

Please note: Tuition and Books cannot be covered by this Fund.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

  • be an international student
  • be a registered Michigan Tech undergraduate or graduate student at the time the application is submitted (applicant may be a part-time student)
  • be facing an emergency situation (as described above)
  • demonstrate financial need
  • be committed to using funds as designated

What is the Award Amount?

The award amount is based on a review of your application materials by a committee including the dean of students (or the dean's designee) and a representative from the Financial Aid Office. The amount of financial assistance awarded typically does not exceed $500.00 and can be awarded only once in a calendar year.  During the outbreak of COVID-19, other award amounts may be considered on a case by case basis

How Do I Apply?

  1. Complete the request form.
  2. Submit supplemental documents (if you have anything that supports your request).