Academic Suspension and Dismissal


The following are grounds for academic suspension:

  • the student earns a term GPA of 0.0 while attempting 12 or more credits, or
  • the student’s cumulative GPA is below 2.0 after one semester of academic probation, or
  • the student does not achieve good academic standing after two semesters of probation regardless of the cumulative GPA.

A student who receives a notice of academic suspension will not be permitted to enroll at the University for a specified period of time:

  • Upon receiving a first notice of academic suspension, a student must sit out for at least one semester, plus a summer. That is, a student suspended at the end of a fall semester may not re-enroll until the following fall, and a student suspended at the end of a spring semester may not re-enroll until the following spring. A student suspended at the end of summer, however, may enroll the following spring.
  • Upon receiving a second notice of academic suspension, a student must sit out for two semesters, plus a summer.


Upon reinstatement after a second suspension, failure to achieve good academic standing or show substantial academic progress within one semester will result in academic dismissal. There is no opportunity for reinstatement after academic dismissal; however, a student may request an appeal (see below).

Appeals of Academic Suspension and Dismissal

An appeal of academic suspension or dismissal will be considered if documentation can be provided to show unusual or extenuating circumstances surrounding a student's academic performance. The student must also be confident in his or her ability to show significant academic improvement. A student wishing to make an appeal must do so in writing to the dean of students by accessing the appeal form through the academic standing link in MyMichiganTech. Appeals are evaluated based on content, academic performance, extenuating circumstances, and a plan for improvement going forward. Appeals will be reviewed by the Scholastic Standards Committee. Once a decision is made, the student will be notified through email.

Tuesday, Aug. 16 , 2022 at 5:00 p.m. - Grades available, email notification sent to students with change in status.
Suspension Appeals
To return for:
Fall 2022 Friday, August 19, 2022
Spring 2023


Reinstatement Requests
To return for:
Spring 2023 November 28, 2022
Summer 2023 TBD
In order to adequately prepare for your return, appeals received after these dates will be considered for the following term.


A student suspended for unsatisfactory academic progress may apply for reinstatement after a period of non-enrollment. A reinstatement request must be made six weeks in advance of the term you wish to attend. Please see the above table for upcoming deadlines. To request reinstatement, students must follow the procedure on MyMichiganTech.  By clicking on your academic standing in the "Current Student" tab, you will be directed to the page where you can access the reinstatement form. The reinstatement form will ask you a series of questions regarding your goals, previous academic history, and future plans for improvement. You will also be asked to submit a letter of recommendation/performance review from your current employer, a transcript for any courses you have taken during your suspension, and a three-semester academic plan you have developed in conjunction with your academic advisor. These documents can be uploaded and attached to your reinstatement request. All documentation, as well as the request itself, must be submitted prior to the deadline (please refer to the above table for upcoming deadlines.)