Timothy Hoeffner, PE

Timothy Hoeffner
  • BS Civil Engineering 1980

Tim Hoeffner graduated from Michigan Tech with a baccalaureate degree in civil engineering in 1980, and began his career with the Michigan Department of Transportation. In 1990 Mr. Hoeffner’s career at MDOT shifted focus from road design to rail. His current position as the Director of the Office of Rail at MDOT is the highest office dealing with rail issues in the State of Michigan.

Mr. Hoeffner has been involved at the highest levels at the DOT, working directly with the Director and Michigan’s governor. His work includes bringing rail innovations to the State of Michigan on issues such as public-private partnerships, the development of high-speed intercity passenger, and policy development for intermodal units at MDOT. Mr. Hoeffner is currently the vice chair of the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission and has previously served as chair. His work has influence at the local, state and national levels, and has a significant economic impact by making Michigan competitive in a world marketplace.

Mr. Hoeffner has donated a significant portion of his time for the benefit of the Michigan Tech Rail program. He has served on the Rail Program advisory board since 2014, and he is a frequent speaker at REAC meetings and Railroad Night. Mr. Hoeffner was the driving force behind the annual Michigan Rail Conference, which was organized in 2013. His activity in partnership with the department leadership has brought opportunity to CEE students and faculty in the field and has helped to establish Michigan Tech as a National force in the rail industry.