Marvin L. Sorvala, PE

Marvin  Sorvala
  • BS Civil Engineering 1972

Mr. Marvin Sorvala, came to Michigan Tech from Bessemer, Michigan. He completed a baccalaureate degree in civil engineering in 1972 and went on to attain a master's degree in civil engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1973.

Currently, he is President of Bonestroo, Rosene, Anderlik and Associates of St. Paul, Minnesota, a civil and architectural design company with an estimated annual sales of $25 million and approximately 260 full-time employees. Marvin has been with the company since 1973 and became President in 1990. He started his career designing wastewater treatment facilities and, later, directed the civil design group of Bonestroo, Rosene & Anderlik leading the management team for roadway, sanitary sewer, storm water, water distribution, and other municipal design projects.

He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and serves as Treasurer for Northern Environmental Technologies. Sorvala is also a registered Professional Engineer in four states. He is a member of the Michigan Tech President's Society and served on the Executive Council of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department's Partnering with the Future Campaign. Marvin and his wife, Wanda, established a scholarship in 1992 to benefit Michigan Tech students from Bessemer, Michigan.

From 1999 Induction to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Academy