Civil and Environmental Engineering




Graduate Certificate in Sustainability

The graduate-level Certificate in Sustainability provides an integrated approach to sustainability education, emphasizing breadth in three key areas: the engineering and technology of industrial ecology; the science of environmental assessment and modeling; and the economic, human-behavior, and policy-making aspects of the social sciences.

The certificate is administered through the Sustainable Futures Institute. The Sustainable Futures (SF) IGERT program focuses on establishing an integrated basis for decision-making to promote sustainability. The program engages a diverse group of doctoral and master's students in an education and research training program to understand, explore, apply, and further develop the science of sustainability and the Sustainable Futures Model.

See the Graduate Certificate in Sustainability for more information, including a degree schedule.

Sustainable Water Resources Systems

Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Water Resources Systems

The Certificate in Sustainable Water Resources Systems provides interdisciplinary breadth in water resources management, focusing on policy, the natural sciences, and the applied sciences. This certificate complements a wide range of disciplines, including natural resource management, business and policy, environmental and civil engineering, geology and geological engineering, and environmental policy. Students develop an advanced understanding of the problems surrounding the sustentation of water resources systems, and the technology employed in effectively managing this precious natural resource, within the context of their chosen field.