STEM Internship Program FAQ

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What does STEM stand for?

>S - Science (Biological, medical, agricultural, environmental, etc.)

>T - Technology (Software, coding, IT, programming, computer science, etc.)

>E - Engineering (Mechanical, civil, manufacturing, technician, etc.)

>M - Mathematics (Analytics, data scientist, financial analysis, market research, etc.)

Are the internship opportunities only in Michigan?

>Yes, all internship opportunities will be based in Michigan

How much do the internship positions pay?

>Full - Time interns - up to $6,000 for a 10-12 week period (> 32hrs a week)

>Part - Time Interns - up to $3,000 ( < 32hrs a week) 

Do I have to currently be attending a college or university in Michigan to apply?

>Yes, in order to obtain an internship from the STEM Forward program you must currently be attending a college or university in Michigan

When can I apply?

>Apply for an internship here : >

What happens after I apply?

>After applying, a company will review your application and send out information to you via email for an interview. After the interview concludes, the company will decide whether or not they want you as a candidate and further the process at their discretion.