Sonia Goltz

Sonia Goltz


  • Professor of Organizational Behavior, College of Business
  • MS, PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Purdue University
  • BA in Psychology, University of Indianapolis


Dr Goltz began her career at the University of Notre Dame and joined Michigan Tech in 1996. In addition to the teaching and research she does that is listed below, she is active in serving the academic and business communities. For example, she has served as Director of Business Graduate Programs at MTU. She also is an editorial board member for the Journal of Management Education, Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, and Journal of Business and Management. Dr. Goltz occasionally does consulting work for local organizations such as the Portage Lake District Library and the LaSalle Technology Group.

Research Focus

Gender discrimination isn’t a thing of the past. In fact, courts are now dealing with second-generation sex discrimination where incorrect practices are still being examined. Dr. Goltz co-authored a publication focused on second-generation sexual discrimination cases and how they are currently brought to court. 

After interviewing 14 women about their experiences with second-generation sexual discrimination cases, Goltz and the other co-authors recommend reform of the litigation process. The researchers provide the foundation for adopting a better litigation process for courts, employers, and administrative agencies and the need to focus less on the rule-based approach to court proceedings and more on qualitative evidence.

Teaching Interests

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resources Management

Research Interests

  • Individual perceptions of group fairness
  • Organizational discrimination and justice processes
  • Social power
  • Escalation of commitment