Dr. George and Susan Robinson

Dr. George and Susan  Robinson

Dr. George Robinson and his wife, Susan, have been synonymous with Michigan Tech’s A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum for nearly two decades, George as curator and Susan as honorary curator. During their association with the museum, they elevated it to internationally recognized status.

George also taught mineralogy and conducted research in mineralogy, characterization of new mineral species, and mineral occurrences. He wrote an extensive update to Heinrich’s Mineralogy of Michigan, and co-authored the books Lake Superior Iron Ranges with Gene LaBerge and The A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum with Robert Rann. In 2012, a mineral discovered in the Mammoth-St. Anthony mine in Arizona was named after him: georgerobinsonite.

Susan is a highly regarded mineral and wildlife artist who volunteered hundreds of hours at the museum. In addition to giving her artistic flair to the arrangement of mineral specimens and displays, she helped with the packing and moving of all the specimens from the old location to the new building—all ten semitrailer loads.

George and Susan’s legacy will truly last forever.

In 2014, George and Susan were recognized by the Michigan Tech Alumni Association as Honorary Alumni.

Edited May 15, 2014