Alumni "Snow" Statue Contest

Snow Statue

3rd Annual Alumni "Snow" Statue Contest

The Alumni Board of Directors is excited to present the third annual Winter Carnival "Snow" Statue Contest. Alumni and friends were invited to create their very own snow statue that reflects this year's Winter Carnival theme, Tasty Foods for Wintry Moods

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2023 Contest Rules

The contest runs from December 18, 2022–February 11, 2023, with a midnight EST deadline. "Snow" Statues can be submitted into one of the six following categories.


  • Snow Statue - 24 Hour
  • Snow Statue - Multi-Day
  • Other Material* Statue - 24 Hour
  • Other Material* Statue - Multi-Day
  • Fabricated Statue**
  • Virtual Statue***

*Other materials could include such things as sand, clay, wood, Legos, brick, Styrofoam, metal, glass, and plastic.

**Fabricated (e.g., 3D-printed, cast, machined) statues must be original designs by participant(s) (not templates) and will be judged separately from other materials.

***Virtual statues include 3D drawings, animation, or other virtual designs.

  1. Teams must include at least one Michigan Tech alumni.
  2. Statues must be self-supporting and sculptural (three-dimensional).
  3. Statues must include a name and title/caption.
  4. A statue description may be included in the entry form.
  5. For snow statues, additional coloring may only be used in the lettering of your group's name, insignia, or statue title/caption. Coloring is limited to the statue title block; absolutely no coloring can be used on the statue itself. 

Statues will be judged based on photos and the entry form submitted.

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