DENALI: Music and Art Inspired by Wilderness

What do you get when you set nine composers loose in Denali National Park? You get nine great pieces of music! Give this music to visual artists as inspiration and you get eighteen great pieces of art! In conjunction with the A-Space Gallery exhibit, "DENALI: Artists respond to music inspired by wilderness", participants of Composing in the Wilderness, a shared wilderness experience for adventurous composers, and members of the Elements Artist Group discuss the collaboration and share performances of the music and images of artwork in a virtual music and art experience.

Each video (after the introduction) below is presented as a conversation between composers and visual artists followed by a performance of the composition coupled with images of the artwork that was inspired by the composition.  These conversation+music/art videos are also available directly on the Rozsa Center Youtube channel.  There is also a playlist that includes the music/art-only videos (without the conversations).  We invite you to view the printed program for more information on the compositions, composers, and visual artists.

Watch Introductions and Discussion video
Preview image for Introductions and Discussion video

Introductions and Discussion

Guest panelists discuss the Composing in the Wilderness program.

Watch Silent Succession video
Preview image for Silent Succession video

Silent Succession

Silent Succession, Jesse Budel, composer

Passage, Margo Klass, artist

Enough, Susan Campbell, artist

Watch Savage video
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Savage, Christian Dubeau, composer

Evocations, Margo Klass, artist

Clouds, Mary Bee Kaufman, artist 

Watch Look Up video
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Look Up

Look Up, Corinna Hogan, composer

Somewhere Beyond, Margo Klass, artist

Denali Colloquy, Susan Campbell, artist

Watch Footprints video
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Footprints, Aaron Keyt, composer

Footprints, Mary Bee Kaufman, artist

Marks on the Land, Nancy Hausle-Johnson, artist

Watch On Distant Hills video
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On Distant Hills

On Distant Hills, Brent Lawrence, composer

Teklanika Cadences, Charlotte Bird, artist

Awesome Adventure, Nancy Hausle-Johnson, artist

Watch Turbulence video
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Turbulence, Libby Meyer, composer

Beauty and Conflict, Mary Bee Kaufman, artist

Continuum, Ree Nancarrow, artist

Watch Tundra Tapestry video
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Tundra Tapestry

Tundra Tapestry, Christina Rusnak, composer

Wilderness Mosaic, Charlotte Bird, artist

Tundra Network, Nancy Hausle Johnson, artist 

Watch Tattler Creek video
Preview image for Tattler Creek video

Tattler Creek

Tattler Creek, Dawn Sonntag, composer

If I Could Be Just One Place, Charlotte Bird, artist

MemoriesRee Nancarrow, artist 

Watch From the Darkness We Sing the Mighty Land Into Being video
Preview image for From the Darkness We Sing the Mighty Land Into Being video

From the Darkness We Sing the Mighty Land Into Being

From the Darkness We Sing the Mighty Land Into Being, Jennifer Wright, composer

Envisioning Creation, Ree Nancarrow, artist

Listen, Susan Campbell, artist