Husky Pep Band Traveling Roadshow Fund

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Stripes on the road. Playoff games. Bringing Husky Cheer.

Every year, the Huskies Pep Band performs at over sixty local events, all of them made possible by our more than 300 volunteer student members. Aside from these local events, our band also gets the chance to take road trips to support our Husky athletic teams when they travel. These events, though less numerous, take much more effort to carry out. Students volunteer their entire weekends (maybe even part of an academic break), and sometimes have to spend some of their own finances in order to go on these roadshows. There are also instrument/equipment repairs and purchases, transportation, and housing arrangements, and music distribution to worry about, all of which factor into these road trips. All of these require funding, and sometimes the band isn't able to go on a roadshow and support our fellow Huskies due to a lack of funds.

By donating to the Huskies Pep Band Traveling Road Show Fund, you'll be joining Doug and Mary Lindgren and their generous contribution to our band and its students, improving our abilities and opportunities to spread our Huskies Pep Band cheer.

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