Summer Youth Programs

Schedules and Typical Day

SYP students walking to class


We expect you to set your own alarm to get up on time! You will need to get ready, eat breakfast, and walk to class before your exploration starts each day.

A young man looks at a test tube held by a young woman in chemistry lab.

Morning Class

Once in class, you will be involved in all kinds of labs, experiments, projects, field trips, and interactions with guest speakers. Exact activities vary by exploration, but they’re sure to keep things moving. 

Two young women eating lunch


We break for lunch midday, which might mean walking back to Wadsworth Hall to eat in the dining hall or your class may have a picnic on a field trip.

A young man and young woman look through microscopes

Afternoon Class

After lunch you will walk back to class for a few more hours of explorations. This is a time to work on group projects, experiments, and meet experts in your field of choice.

Two young men playing Frisbee on a beach

Afternoon/Evening Activities

After class, Activity Counselors run activities that cover a huge range of interests—they’re constantly changing events based on what sounds the most fun. Students will have the chance to exercise through activities like visiting the pool or local beaches, using the weight room, or playing pickup soccer. We get creative: arts and crafts, campus scavenger hunts, and a weekly variety show are popular favorites. If you’re into the outdoors, we have hikes and visits to local beaches. Or, if you prefer to just relax, SYP hosts movie nights, trivia nights, bowling, board games and cards.

Two young men playing cards

On-Floor/In-Room Time

As each day winds down, live-in students will regroup with their Residence Counselor in their on-floor groups at 10 p.m. On-floor meetings are mandatory: there are always updates, announcements, and general check-ins during this time. Students are required to be in their own room by 11 p.m.—after an eventful day at SYP, a good night’s sleep is well-deserved!