At Michigan Technological University there is a deep understanding that students of all ages are eager to start solving the grand challenges facing civilization. They want to tinker. They seek to inquire. To “give it a try.” We know how important it is to not only excite young people about science and engineering, but also to show them why and how of STEM.

To do this, we align ourselves with other problem-solvers—Michigan Tech faculty, graduate students, and industry partners—because together we are innovative and bold.

By working with industry partners, we can create unique opportunities students have never experienced before! Through special programs that offer hands-on discovery, meet industry role models working in the field, and learn more about day-to-day activities within a career, students are empowered and confident in choosing the career path that fits their passions.

Join us as we inspire the next generation of engineers and spark a career interest in youth from your community.

"At Hemlock Semiconductor (HSC), we recognize the need to increase K-12 student interest in pursuing STEM related careers. To accomplish this goal, HSC needed a partner and chose Michigan Tech because of its outreach programs, professional staff, and engaged students. By participating in the Mind Trekkers event in Saginaw, Michigan and providing Summer Youth Programs scholarships to Great Lakes Bay Region high school students, HSC helped increase the knowledge of STEM to more than 3,000 area students." Terence D. Robinson
S30/S130 OE Team Leader
Hemlock Semiconductor

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