What to Pack

Wondering what to bring for a week (or more!) at SYP? It's pretty easy; bring what you need for the week, but don't overpack.

The following is a general list of what you can expect to bring. In addition, some classes require additional or special equipment. Check below the general list for program-specific suggestions. 

General Packing Guidelines

*Prescription Medications

All students taking prescription medications, are required to bring and turn in medication in pre-dosed dispensers with medications sorted by time of administration.  Dosing information for prescription medications should be documented in CampDoc. This requirement does not include over-the-counter medicine.

The participant is responsible for coming to the SYP Front Desk to have their medications administered.  If self-administration/self-possession is necessary, please provide written permission and request that this is necessary.  Any participant who distributes a medication of any kind to another participant or is found to possess a medication other than the one authorized violates the program's Code of Conduct.

SYP does provide many over-the-counter medications as needed, please do not send these with your child. In your CampDoc profile, you will have the opportunity to authorize SYP staff to provide specific over-the-counter medications or not. In addition, we are happy to create an individual medication plan with you upon request. You can reach us at syp@mtu.edu 

Program-Specific Packing Lists

Some classes need equipment or other special "stuff" to come to camp with you. Pack these things in addition to your regular items.  

Pathway Programs


Science and Technology


Business, Humanities, and Law