Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Applications are now closed for 2022. Please check back in Winter 2022 for information about summer 2023.

Be sure to check out our Other Scholarships page for additional opportunities.

We offer several scholarships programs to talented students from across the country. These programs are typically more intensive, deeper-dives into a particular field of interest, and selection is based on a combination of factors including students' grades, answers to short questions, and letters of recommendation. The essay questions and supplemental documents required for the scholarship application may be viewed here.

These programs offer an early enrollment period, if you apply before 5PM, EST, on Friday March 1, 2023. The final application deadline is Sunday April 9, 2023. Selections are made within three weeks of each deadline and participants are notified by email. The $325* scholarship registration fee is not due until after selection. 

  • $325
    Scholarship Registration Fee*

Grades 6-8

Grades 8-11

Grades 9-11

Other scholarships and discounts are available, including scholarships based on your location and multi-week discounts.  

*Some scholarship programs have variable registration fees. Please see detailed information about each scholarship under its slider above.

Don't want summer to end? Learn more about our Summer Youth Scholars program—previous Summer Youth participants may qualify for Michigan Tech scholarships.