Student Affairs

President's Council on Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness

Official Charge:

The President's Council on Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness is charged with reviewing programs and education, assessment, policy, and reporting requirements for Student Health and Wellness programming.  Focusing on health and wellness initiatives, The Student Health and Wellness Advisory Council will provide feedback on past and future programs to build a student-driven, prevention conscious culture at Michigan Tech.

Goals for the President's Council on Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness for 2018-2019:

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  1. Update Alcohol And Other Drug Programs and educational elements
  2. Educate the student population on Party Smart strategies (NCAA CHOICES Grant)
  3. University Policies
    1. Are the AOD policies consistently enforced on and off campus and consistent with AOD messaging?
    2. What does the student population need in regards to Prescription Drug Education?


  • Mental Health
  1. Identity needs and resources on campus and in community
  2. Incorporate the Mindfulness @Michigan Tech Committee as a Subcommittee of the President’s Council on Health and Wellness
    1. Target Stress
    2. Intentional use of Technology
    3. Connecting with Yourself, Connecting with Others


  • Nutrition and Fitness (Changed to General Wellness or “Lifestyle” or “Hot Topics in Student Health and Wellness”)
  1. Identify nutrition and fitness events and programs on campus, and collaboration opportunities for future programs
  2. Encourage health promotion through social, academic, and residential environments
  3. How can HuskyFAN help/educate?


  • Sexual Health
  1. Identify sex education needs on campus


  • Have Member of the Student Health and Wellness Advisory Committee (SHWAC) attend meetings and give suggestions to the President's Council on Health, Wellness and MIndfulness (PCHWM ) on future initiatives
  1. SHWAC Member requirements
    1. Active Michigan Tech Student
    2. Committed to improving campus health and wellness for all students and the campus community
    3. Have a sophomore status or above at Michigan Tech
    4. Must be a member of HOSA, MEDLife, or PHAT


  • Meet once a semester (2 times an academic year)

Campus Clarity: Think About ItThink about it
All new Michigan Tech students are required to complete Campus Clarity: Think About It-a comprehensive foundation in four areas; sex in college, partying smart, sexual violence, and healthy relationships.  Whether or not all these scenarios apply to you, Think About It will provide simple strategies for keeping yourself and others safe.  Beginning August 1 an email will be sent to you permitting you access to the course.  If you did not receive an email on August 1 please go to to access the course using your Michigan Tech email.