Student Affairs

President's Council on Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness

Official Charge:

The President's Council on Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness is charged with reviewing programs and education, assessment, policy, and reporting requirements for Student Health and Well-being programming.  Focusing on health and wellness initiatives, The President's Council on Health, Wellness and Mindfulness will provide feedback on past and future programs to build a student-driven, prevention conscious culture at Michigan Tech.

Goals for the President's Council on Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness for 2019-2020:

  1. Update Alcohol And Other Drug Programs and educational elements
  2. Work with the JED Campus Committee to improve and strengthen Mental Health Programming and Needs.
  3. Educate on the importance of Nutritional and Physical Activity, identifying needs and barriers on campus.
  4. Educate on Sexual Health and Healthy relationships 
  5. Have a Member of the Student Health and Wellness Advisory Council attend meetings and give suggestions to the PCHWM on future initiatives.  
  6. Meet two times each semester

EverFI: Alcohol Edu for College
All new Michigan Tech students are required to complete Alcohol Edu For College, a comprehensive course that covers the areas of choosing not to/to drink, being a responsible adult, looking out for one another, physiological effects of alcohol and when to ask for help. Beginning August 1 an email will be sent to all incoming first year students permitting access to the course.