Shan Zhou

Shan Zhou


Curriculum Vitae

Google Scholar

  • Assistant Professor, Environmental and Energy Policy
  • PhD, Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016
  • MS, Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012
  • MS, Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management, European Commission Erasmus Mundus Program (MESPOM), 2009
  • BS, Environmental Sciences, Beijing Normal University, 2007

Research Summary

My research focuses on policy analysis and social equity issues related to sustainability, resilient technology, and urban development. I am particularly interested in the policy fields of smart grids, renewable energy, environment, and climate change. My investigation of these topics integrates technological penetration datasets with market pricing data, political and governance data, and demographic data using statistical methods, case studies, and geospatial analysis tools.


Environmental and Energy Policy

Research Interests

  • Environmental and Energy Policy
  • Sustainable Development
  • Infrastructure and Resilience
  • Social Equity
  • Urban and Local Sustainability
  • Policy Processes
  • Policy Analysis