Adam M. Wellstead

Adam M. Wellstead
"Academics are the only people I can think of for whom this sentence makes sense: 'I'm hoping to get some time off so that I can get some work done.'"
—Sidney Verba


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  • Associate Professor of Public Policy, Social Sciences
  • PhD, Renewable Resources, University of Alberta, 2006


I joined the Department of Social Sciences in 2011 after a 15 year career with Canadian federal government. My background in policy and public management will contribute to the research and teaching in the Environmental Policy Program. My research interests include investigating multi-level governance arrangements in the natural resource sector, measuring policy capacity and evidence based policy-making, policy mechanisms, and theories of the policy process. I enjoy developing and conducting (primarily online) surveys and undertaking structural equation modeling using LISREL.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Policy advisory systems
  • Governance and political mechanisms
  • Survey research
  • Policy process frameworks

Areas of Interest

  • Canadian Energy and Environmental Issues
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Oil Sands Development
  • Forest Policy
  • Canadian history

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications (Since 2011)

  • Carson, D. and A. Wellstead. (Accepted) Policy Work at Risk: The Case of the Northern Territory, Australia. Australian Journal of Public Administration.
  • Evans, B. and A. Wellstead. (Accepted) Tales of Policy Estrangement: Non-governmental Policy Work and Capacity in Three Canadian Provinces. Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research.
  • Wellstead, A. and R. Stedman. (Accepted) Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change Policy: Integrating Public Management and Public Policy Studies. International Journal of Public Administration.
  • Veselý, A., Wellstead. A. and B. Evans. (Accepted) Comparing sub-national policy workers in Canada and the Czech Republic: Who are they, what they do, and why it matters? Policy and Society.
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  • Howlett, M. and A. Wellstead. 2011. Policy Analysts in the Bureaucracy Revisited: The Nature of Professional Policy Work in Contemporary Government. Politics & Policy. 39: 613–633

Teaching Experience

  • SS5350 (Environmental Policy Analysis)
  • SS5318 (Public Sector Management)
  • SS4636 (The Modern State and Governance)
  • FW3110 (Natural Resources Policy)
  • UN2002 (Institutions)
  • SS3410 (World Resources and Development)