Volunteer to Usher

Thanks for your interest in becoming part of our team of volunteer ushers! You can sign up as an individual or as a group. As an usher, you are an important and valued member of the Rozsa team, helping to create extraordinary and meaningful arts experiences for our community.

About Volunteer Ushering

What do volunteer ushers do? Volunteer Ushers play a critical role in creating a welcoming environment as our community reconnects for vibrant live arts experiences. You could fill one of several positions: 

Do I do this alone or with other people? Each show will have a House Manager and 2-12 volunteer ushers, depending on the size of the event, so you will never be alone! You are always welcome to put together a groupfriends, family, or people from an organization—and enjoy the shared experience of bringing a production to life.

What experience or training do I need? You don’t. All the training you need will take place the day of the show, before guests arrive.

What is the time commitment for a show? You will arrive 90 minutes before the show, monitor the audience while you enjoy the show for free, and then stay to help with some light clean-up for 30 minutes or less after the show.