Preferred First Name

Michigan Technological University recognizes that individuals may choose to identify themselves using a name that differs from their legal name. Because of this, individuals may designate a preferred first name to be used across university systems, where feasible.

Individuals are free to determine the preferred first name they want to be known by, regardless of whether they have legally changed their name. The University reserves the right to remove a preferred first name if it is used inappropriately, including but not limited to, avoiding a legal obligation or for the purpose of misrepresentation.

Legal Name

The legal name is the name that appears on government issued identification. The legal name will continue to be used in university related systems, business processes, and documents such as reporting, financial aid, transcripts, tax documents, payroll, and other records where use of legal first name is required by law or University Policy.

How to Add a Preferred First Name

Students and employees who wish to designate a preferred first name, may do so using the following methods:


  1. through the online application for admission; or

  2. log in to MyMichiganTech: select the “Current Students” tab -> in the Personal Information box on the right side, select “Review or Update Preferred First Name;” or

  3. when submitting a photo for the Tech ID card; or

  4. contact the Registrar’s Office.


  1. log in to Banweb: select the “Personal Information” tab -> select the “Update Preferred First Name” option; or

  2. when submitting a photo for the Tech ID card; or

  3. contact the Human Resources Office.

How to Change Preferred First Name 
Before Attending Michigan Tech

If changing preferred name BEFORE attending Michigan Tech:

  1. Login to Banweb
  2. Go to the Personal Information tab
  3. Select "Update Preferred First Name"
  4. Enter name and hit "Set Preferred Name"

This process will change your name on:

  • Class Rosters
  • Husky Card (Student ID)
  • Housing and Residential Life
  • Canvas and MyMichiganTech
  • Google (Drive, Gmail, Calendar, etc)
  • Mass emails from most people
  • Printing (PaperCut)

This process will not change your name on:

  • Banweb
  • Financial Aid information
  • Mass emails from some people
  • Dining Services
  • Quad Core (QCFC)
  • Payroll
  • Tax Documents
  • Transcripts

To assist faculty and instructors in consistently addressing a student throughout a semester, students are encouraged to add a preferred first name prior to the start of a semester.

How to Change Preferred First Name 
While Active at Michigan Tech

If changing preferred name WHILE ACTIVE at Michigan Tech:

Name Change Procedure

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