Personal Pronouns at Michigan Tech

Designating pronouns is voluntary for everyone in the Michigan Tech community.

Michigan Tech is committed to fostering a safe and welcoming environment for students, faculty, and staff. We value all members of the University and encourage respectful interactions throughout our community with our diversity and inclusion efforts. Our goal is to provide a shared sense of belonging on campus that allows everyone to realize their full personal and professional potential within a supportive community.

People have multiple, often intersecting identities, and the language we use to describe ourselves is ever-changing. In an effort to respect and value our students, faculty, and staff, we have taken steps through Michigan Tech’s Preferred First Name and Personal Pronouns Policy (Policy 1.13) to give everyone the option to choose how to identify themselves.

Reason for Policy

We recognize that there are members of the Michigan Tech community who identify themselves using names and/or pronouns that may differ from their legal names and/or pronouns. We believe students learn best and employees work best in environments in which they feel comfortable and welcome.

See: Instructions for students, faculty, and staff for designating pronouns at Michigan Tech.

Pronouns in MTU Systems

Student Pronouns

Faculty Pronouns

Staff Pronouns

*Pronouns must be changed directly in the CMS to display on faculty/staff listings and dedicated personnel profile pages, as outlined in the instructions for editing faculty/staff personnel items.
Canvas X X X
Zoom X X X
Banweb Course Rosters X    
Directory   X X
Faculty/Staff Profile Pages*   X X

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