Transfer Services

The Michigan Tech Transfer Services Office assists all students who wish to transfer credit from a U.S. institution. If you would like to transfer to Michigan Tech, please review the transfer information on this page as well as the information on the Michigan Tech Admissions page.

Transfer Credit Information
Students may receive transfer credit at Michigan Tech for courses taken at other institutions. Please keep in mind that Michigan Tech's transfer credit procedures may not be the same as transfer credit procedures at other universities.

General Education Transfer Guidelines
General Education is an important and required component of every Michigan Tech degree. Transfer students must also meet the General Education requirements.

Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)
Michigan Tech participates in the MTA. Students may complete the MTA at one of the participating community colleges in Michigan, which will satisfy a portion of Michigan Tech's general education requirements.

Reverse Transfer (Associate Degree Completion)
Michigan Tech has reverse transfer agreements with five community colleges in Michigan.

Guest Students
The Michigan Tech Transfer Services Office also advises guest students. Guest students have elected to study at Michigan Tech as a guest or are Michigan Tech students that would like to study at another university in Michigan.