Pre-Health Professions

Pre-Chiropractic Preparation

Chiropractors help patients with health problems that involve the neuromuscular skeletal system (nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons). Chiropractors treat patients by performing spinal adjustments, manipulations, and other clinical interventions. One of the common reasons patients seek chiropractic care is for pain management in areas such as the back and neck.

Most chiropractors work in either private or group chiropractic offices. A large number are self-employed, with the ability to create their own schedules. Most work full time; they may have to work nights and/or weekends to accommodate patient schedules.

How to Apply

Chiropractors must obtain a doctor of chiropractic (DC) degree and be licensed in order to practice. Chiropractic schools can be highly competitive. Although a majority of DC programs only require 90 semester hours of undergraduate education, most students who apply have a bachelor’s degree. Chiropractic school usually take four years to complete. Some students continue their education by obtaining additional training in specialty areas, including orthopedics and pediatrics.