Education Preparation

Why is Teacher Development Important? 

Education Preparation programs provide educators-to-be with the tools, mentors, and hands on experience they'll need once they begin their career. 

Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.Dean Schlicte

A strong mathematical background is essential to teaching high school and college mathematics. The Education Preparation concentration is built on a broad foundation of mathematics, including calculus, linear algebra, differential equations and modeling, statistics, geometry, and number theory. In addition, students are introduced to the theory of algebra and of calculus, learn the history of the development of mathematics, and learn the fundamentals of computer programming. This rigorous mathematical foundation prepares graduates to teach in private schools, enroll in teaching credentialing programs, or obtain graduate degrees and teach at community colleges and universities.

Many who have had an opportunity of knowing any more about mathematics confuse it with arithmetic, and consider it an arid science. In reality, however, it is a science which requires a great amount of imagination.---Sofia Kovalevskaya