Gather Experience—Careers

The world is full of opportunities for you to make a difference. Follow the content links below to explore internships, fellowships, training, and careers in international sustainable development.

Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED)

Offers 6-month internships in many fields (e.g. water and sanitation, hygiene education, journalism) in Africa and Asia. Travel, housing, and a stipend provided.


Offers several types of internships in economic development, health, education, and human rights at its offices in Bangladesh. Expenses are borne by the intern.


Through BUNAC, current students and recent graduates can obtain a work visa in Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Most of the jobs that are found in this program are in restaurants, hotels, etc. These jobs can be used to fund a volunteer position at the head office of an NGO based overseas (e.g. Merlin, GOAL).


Offers 6-9 month internships at their offices around the world, working on a range of projects. Graduate students are eligible for the CARE-USA Fellowship Program, which provides year-long placements. Travel, housing, and a stipend provided.

Catholic Relief Services—International Development Fellows Program

Offers 1-year internships at its offices around the world in a variety of programs. Travel, housing, and a stipend provided.

Foundation for Sustainable Development

Arranges internships of various lengths with NGOs in Latin America, Kenya, Uganda, and India, relating to many aspects of international development. Program fees are paid by interns.


Offers paid internships around the world for students in technical fields. Most assignments will not be very D80-like, but are an opportunity to gain international work experience.

International Medical Corps—Graduate Internship Program

One-semester internships are offered in field offices around the world. Interns must receive class credit for their participation. Areas of specialization include civil engineering, construction, and water and sanitation.

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Offers internships and volunteer positions around the world.


Offers 1-2 year internships in their projects around the world, some of which are related to water and sanitation. Travel, housing, and a stipend provided.

Relief International

Offers internships at projects around the world. Housing, food, and occasionally travel provided.

U.S. Offices

Consider volunteering in the home office of an organization. Here are some of the big ones, but do not overlook local non-profits.

U.S. Peace Corps

The classic. For U.S. citizens only.

United Nations

Internships are available at United Nations offices around the world. Many are restricted to graduate students, but some are open to undergraduates as well. Expenses are borne by the intern.

United Nations Volunteers—Online Volunteering Service

Help organizations around the world without leaving home. Positions are available in many fields, including proposal writing, website design, translation, and fundraising.


Volunteer placement for 6 to 24 months in over 30 countries. Many skills are needed, including engineering. For volunteers with previous experience, travel, housing, and stipend provided. For those with less experience, fundraising is required.

Set up your own internship! If you can creatively fund yourself (think student loans), many organizations are happy to host a hard-working intern. The D80 Center at Michigan Tech has worked in over 30 countries. Chances are good that you know someone (who knows someone) who knows an NGO that specializes in your field of interest.

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