Online Building Design Certificate

The hands of civil engineers, who are working on a building plan.
Versatile Certificate | 9 Credits | Complete in 1-2 Semesters

Study, Design, and Improve the Future of Building Materials for Complex Structures With a Graduate Certificate in Building Design From MTU.

Building engineers are the foundation of any modern society. From evaluating structures, designing building components, to understanding multiple material systems, building design and construction professionals need to work with diverse materials, such as steel, concrete, masonry, and timber. They are responsible for designing, creating, and maintaining safe and efficient structures across the U.S. and the globe.

And with recent advances in building design materials and more focus on improving American infrastructure, skilled building engineers are in higher demand than ever.

Earning a graduate structural engineering certificate in building design from Michigan Technological University will prepare you for a broad range of careers in industries such as architecture, government, building design, and construction.

Take Fundamental Structural Engineering Courses.

As you progress in the building designer program, you’ll master advanced topics in structural analysis, as well as working with materials like concrete, masonry, steel, and timber. The skill sets and experience you’ll accrue in the building designer program will make you a highly competitive candidate on the job market. Our online graduate certificate, then, is perfect for any aspiring building design and construction professional.

There are no required courses in the building design program at MTU. That is, each student will customize their program using elective courses; they will choose one course from Group A and then two courses from Group B, which will allow them to develop expertise in a specific building material.

Group A Courses

  • Structural Concrete Design
  • Steel Design I
  • Structural Timber Design
  • Loads of Civil Structures

Group B Courses

  • Advanced Structural Analysis
  • Pre-Stressed Concrete Design
  • Concrete and Masonry Building Systems
  • Steel Design II
  • Advanced Structural Timber Design

Lay the Foundation for Graduate School With This Certificate.

Our structural engineering certificate in building design gives you the knowledge and confidence to enter a graduate program to stay on top of the latest engineering and scientific theories and methods. Whether you want to go to graduate school right away; or begin a career and start a graduate degree later, your building designer courses can count towards that future degree.

Learn more details at the program website.

Program Website

Why Earn your Structural Engineering Certificate in Building Design from MTU?

Since 1885, Michigan Tech has helped engineers of every type excel as professionals who exercise creativity and innovative thinking to make positive impacts on their fields and the world around them.

Earning your structural engineering certificate online from MTU ensures that you receive the same superb educational experience as in-person students. In fact, we are ranked the #3 best accredited online college in Michigan (EDsmart, 2024).

Access these Benefits.

  • Flexible Education

    Enjoy the quality and ease of our building design program courses, thanks to online resources to keep you connected and engaged.

  • Distinguished Faculty

    Because of small classes sizes in our online building designer courses, you’ll work closely with highly respected faculty with years of professional and educational experience. Learn about the many uses of concrete in building design and construction. Discover how to become a building designer and make an impact on the world around you.

  • Community Outreach

    Building engineers create and maintain the foundations of communities. That's why we offer multiple programs to connect caring and knowledgeable engineers like you with the larger community. Check out the Center for Science and Environmental Outreach to learn more about how you can help your community stay strong.

What Can You Do with a Structural Engineering Certificate in Building Design?

With so many specialized materials and methods to create structures, building design and construction professionals are always in high demand. You’ll stand out both on the job market and on the job with your sophisticated understanding of building components and systems in structural steel, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, masonry, and timber. You’ll graduate with a broad knowledge of these materials as well as a focus on a single material, making you a highly adaptable building engineer.

Graduates from our structural engineering certificate in building design work in prestigious organizations and companies in exciting and fast-growing careers.

Close up of steel beams of some structure.

Possible Careers

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Building inspection
  • Construction management
  • Project management

Get Started on Your Online Building Design Certificate.

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