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Graduate Certificate | Fully Online | 2 Semesters to Complete | 9 Credits

Help Make Products Better and Safer for Consumers with an Online Quality Engineering Certificate.

Quality engineers are everywhere. They work hard in diverse industries, analyzing and implementing ways to improve products and processes. You could enhance your professional skills or start building toward a graduate degree with a certificate in quality engineering at Michigan Tech.

Our quality engineering program emphasizes statistical process control (SPC), statistical analysis, and computing (using R/RStudio and SAS Studio software). You'll learn to solve real-world problems related to quality and productivity by using control charts, concepts of lean manufacturing, and more. Quality engineering courses also cover probability models, parameter estimation, and hypothesis testing.

This program was designed specifically for working professionals like you. You can complete the quality engineering certification entirely online in just two semesters.

Access classes when it's convenient for you. Connect with faculty for one-on-one meetings. Engage with fellow engineers on course forums. When you earn your online quality engineering certificate at MTU, you'll have access to all the resources of the #3 best accredited online college in Michigan.

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What is Quality Engineering?

Quality engineering involves the use of methodologies, processes, and tools to improve product development. Quality engineering is crucial to ensuring business success, safeguarding consumer interest, and maintaining uniformity, efficiency, and high quality during all stages of the production process.

What does a quality engineer do? Most work within a broader team of professionals to ensure that products are safe and that they meet customer expectations. Quality engineers also focus on increasing efficiencies and minimizing costs. Their routine tasks may include creating documentation, developing quality tests, and troubleshooting problems.

Why Earn Your Quality Engineering Certificate at MTU?

At Michigan Tech, we educate some of the sharpest engineers in the country. It's why Forbes ranked MTU among the Top 25 STEM Colleges. Employers appreciate our high academic standards. Even more so, they recognize our students' drive to do great work and to accomplish even greater things.

The quality engineering certificate at Michigan Tech takes you beyond the virtual classroom:

  • Make new connections and grow your professional network. Tap into a robust network of MTU alumni that is over 70,000 strong. We offer access to industry connections and to alumni networks that will help you expand your professional horizons.
  • Access top innovators in engineering and technology. Learn from experts at the top of their game, from leading scientists to tech industry CEOs. We also regularly welcome guest lecturers representing a variety of industry sectors.
  • Earn your quality engineering certification online. Our flexible program can fit in wherever you are. We also offer accelerated certificate options.
  • Gain a foundation for advanced study. Whether you plan to pursue an advanced degree sometime soon or later down the road, each of the quality engineering courses you take satisfies requirements toward a future master's program.

Take Essential Online Quality Engineering Courses.

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. And learning the fundamentals. Every quality engineering student will complete two required courses: Statistical Methods and Advanced Quality Engineering. These courses include specific software and virtual tools that are available to you through the Michigan Tech Software Distribution Center as well as through remote access on our computer labs.

You'll also have a choice between two elective courses to round out your quality engineering certification:

  • Introduction to Lean Manufacturing covers topics such as Muda, 5S, and the theory of constraints. You'll also examine case studies and work on manufacturing process simulations.
  • Experimental Design in Engineering is a review of basic statistical concepts. You'll use models for testing significance of one or many factors, reduce experimental effort by incomplete blocks of Latin squares, and more.

What Can You Do With Your Quality Engineering Certificate?

Gain the mathematical, computational, analytical, and communication skills to open new professional pathways and boost your earning potential. As a quality engineer, you'll develop the expertise to improve processes that drive customer satisfaction, and, in turn, improve the overall performance and profitability of your organization. Here are some of the top industries in which quality engineers work:

  • Technology
  • Food and Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Energy

On average, quality engineers earn about $94,000 per year. According to a resource from the American Society for Quality (ASQ), certified quality engineers earn an average of almost $10,000 more per year than those who are not certified.

Get Started on Your Online Quality Engineering Certificate.

Take the next step on your educational journey at Michigan Tech. We are here to answer your questions and to help you succeed in your online program.

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