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Graduate Certificate | Online | 3 Semesters to Complete | 15 credits

Earn Your Graduate Certificate in Automotive Systems and Controls from One of the Top Engineering Schools.

The automotive industry is driving the future of automation, electrification, and mobility. As companies invest more time and money in autonomous automotive systems, there is an unprecedented need for skilled mechanical and electrical engineers who can design, maintain, and improve complex automotive control systems.

Earning an online automotive systems and controls certificate from Michigan Technological University will put you on the fast track to finding an exciting career working with automotive systems across many industries. We’ve designed an automotive certificate program for working professionals who want to earn a graduate certificate from a highly respected university without sacrificing their professional or personal schedules.

The skills and knowledge you’ll accrue as you earn your automotive systems certificate cut across the automotive, transportation, and mobility industries. You'll develop essential skills in major automotive engineering technology. For instance, you'll learn about control theory and applications suitable for self-parking systems, automatic cruise control technologies, integrated power train control, and autonomous vehicles.

Pave the Way to a Future Graduate Degree by Earning an Automotive Certificate

Engineers in the fast-moving world of automotive control systems are always learning and pushing the field further. And whether you plan to enter a graduate program soon or later down the road, your automotive certificate from MTU will lay the foundation for lifelong learning and innovation. The courses you take here can also count toward a future graduate degree — saving you both valuable time and money.

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Why Earn Your Online Automotive Systems and Controls Certificate at MTU?

When you study automotive control systems at Michigan Tech, you join a legacy of talented engineers and scientists dating back to 1885. You'll join a university that has a deep history of working with the automotive industry, one that is both respected and accredited. In fact, Forbes includes MTU among the top 25 STEM Colleges in the country. Employers seek out MTU graduates for their rigorous training and in-demand skills.

As a student in our automotive control systems certificate program, you can have confidence that your online degree will be recognized for meeting the highest academic and professional standards. That’s why we’re ranked the #3 best accredited online college in Michigan. When you earn your online automotive systems and controls certificate from MTU, you’ll have several benefits.

  • Access cutting-edge online institutional resources.

    Earn your automotive certificate from your home or current place of employment without sacrificing quality, thanks to our engaging online courses.

  • Create a schedule that works for you.

    We get it. As a working professional or recent graduate, you probably have a hectic schedule and other responsibilities. Our graduate certificate in automotive systems was designed with asynchronous classes so you can continue working full time while mastering automotive engineering technology.

  • Develop industry connections and spring board your career.

    Work with a faculty advisor to find relevant experience in your area. Earn credit toward your automotive certificate while accruing hours of real-life work experience and making personal and professional connections in the automotive engineering technology industry.

Take Practical Online Courses.

At the core of our program is the belief that students learn best with hands-on practice by working with the automotive engineering technology they will use every day as professionals. That’s why the automotive control systems courses that you’ll take integrate experiential learning in automotive systems.

Each student in the online automotive systems and controls certificate program will begin their journey at MTU with the same required 9 credits of core courses. Thereafter, they take 6 credits of electives.

Close-up of an engine with wires.

Core Courses

These include Automotive Systems and Automotive Control Systems, as well as one of the following:

  • Internal Combustion Engines I
  • Introduction to Electric Machinery and Drives
  • Vehicle Dynamics
Dashboard of a car with computerized testing system.


Students can tailor their automotive certificate to their individual career goals by choosing two elective courses from a diverse list of options, including these:

  • Machine Learning
  • Fuel Cell Technology
  • Mobile Networks

What Can You Do With an Online Automotive System and Controls Certificate?

Automotive engineering technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever. Companies are embracing electric vehicles and autonomous cars. So they need experienced automotive systems specialists to develop and improve these technologies.

Whether you already work in or want a career in original equipment manufacturing (OEM), supplies, or system design and testing, earning a graduate certificate in automotive control systems will help you excel at working with automotive engineering technology.

Whatever your career interests are, a graduate automotive certificate from MTU will prepare you with the skill set to contribute to one of the fastest growing and most exciting engineering fields.

Michigan Tech and the Mobility Revolution

Get Started on Your Online Automotive Systems and Controls Certificate.

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