William E. Boggs

William  Boggs
  • BS Geological Engineering 1948

Bill graduated from Michigan Tech in 1948 with a B.S. in Geological Engineering. Upon graduation, he began working for The Atlantic Refining Co. on seismic exploration crews. In 1951 Bill switched gears from the oil industry to mining and became a mining engineer with Pickands Mather and Co. working on iron in Minnesota and Michigan. Four years later he moved to Allied Chemical Corp. in Syracuse, New York, where he held the titles of principal mining and geological engineer, Assistant Director of Engineering, and Resident Manager of a Trona Mine in Wyoming.

In 1970, Bill became Manager of Business Development and Project Control for Boyles Brothers Drilling Co. in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bill left Boyles and assumed the positions of Vice President of Operations of Centennial Development Company and President of Coal Contractors, Inc. Bill retired in 1985 from Centennial where he was President and Chief Executive Officer.

From 1948 Induction to the Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences Academy