Peter Aubry

Peter  Aubry
  • BS Geology 1959

Peter graduated from our department in 1959 with a BS in geology. He couldn't find geological work after graduation so he went to work for Ingersoll Rand Manufacturing Co., who transferred him to Calgary after a year and he became manager of compressor manufacturing. He stayed with the company until 1975, but then he made a bold move to get back to his geological roots. He took his savings and started his own oil and gas company, which first centered around a single drill hole in central Alberta, that he hoped would be successful. It was, and he has been in his own geological business every since with three energy related companies: Aubry Consultants, Ltd., Wescal Gas Ltd., and Bopete Resources Ltd.

In the last five years Peter has turned to minerals exploration where he currently has projects in the Slovak Republic and is working through two new companies: Pan Atlas Energy Ltd. and Golden Regent Resources. He lives in Calgary, but visits the Copper Country in the summer.

From 1996 Induction to the Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences Academy