2.03.1—Reimbursement of Business Meals

Effective: 04/01/2005
Senate Proposal: No
Responsible University Officer: Associate Vice President for Finance
Responsible Office: Financial Services and Operations


Claims for reimbursement are to be filed within two (2) weeks of the event on a Business Meal Report form with supporting documentation attached. When it is in the best interest of the University, business meals may be purchased for customers, vendors and others who are not affiliated with the University and with whom the University has business dealings. Individuals from outside of the University must be in attendance for business meal expenses to be reimbursed. Original itemized receipts are to be obtained for all such expenses and are to be attached to the Business Meal Report. The receipt must show the date, the name of the facility at which the event took place, and an itemized breakdown of the charges.

All attendees and their affiliation must be listed on the Business Meal Report.


To claim reimbursement for business meals, the host does the following:


  1. Submit a Travel Expense Report in Concur. Original itemized receipts must be attached to the report.
  2. Concur reports will route electronically for the appropriate approvals.


  1. Complete a Business Meal Report, available at https://www.mtu.edu/fso/forms/travel/. Original itemized receipts must be attached to the report.
  2. Obtain approval from the department dean/chair/director or higher in the supervisory chain of command, as well as the Financial Manager of the index being charged.
  3. Email the approved report with supporting receipts to Financial Services and Operations at travel@mtu.edu.

Forms and Instructions



Language changes to reflect current university titles and practice.


To reflect current university titles and practice, Responsible University Officer to "Vice President for Finance" and changed Responsible Office to "Financial Services and Operations." Changed contact from "Accounting Services" to "Accounts Payable."

04/10/2017 Transfer of policy page from HTML to CMS. Business and Finance numbers renamed from "2.2000" to "2. Business and Finance". Specifically from "2.2003.1—Claims for Reimbursement for Business Expenses: Events, Meals, and Banquets" to "2.03.1—Claims for Reimbursement for Business Expenses: Events, Meals, and Banquets".