Moving Expense Form Instructions


The Moving Expense Form is used to request reimbursement of expenses incurred in relocating to the new job site. The employee submits the form upon completion of the move. Reimbursement will be made in the calendar year of the employment start date.


  1. Select the radio button next to Moving Expense Form.
  2. Complete the following:
    Expense Instructions
    Employee’s Name enter the employee’s name.
    Employee ID enter the University-assigned identification number, which begins with the letter M.
    Employment Start Date enter the employee’s start date of employment.
    Department enter the name of the employee’s department.
    Direct Deposit or Mail Check select the appropriate box indicating the form of reimbursement. Note: All employees are encouraged to sign up for Non-Payroll Direct Deposit on Banweb so payment can be made electronically. If the check should be mailed, make sure to enter the address.
    Departing From enter the city and state where travel began.
    Departure Date enter the date that travel began from the employee’s home.
    Arrival Date enter the date that travel was completed.
    Calendar Year select the appropriate calendar year. The calendar year selection determines the mileage rate for personal car expenses claimed.
    Index enter the six-digit University number to be charged for moving expenses. Contact the department for this information.
    Name(s) of Others on the Trip include the names of all immediate family members living within the household who traveled.
    Travel Dates Enter the date for each day of the moving trip (mm/dd/yy).
    Meals Meals will be reimbursed at the standard IRS per diem of $59/day effective 10/1/2021 ($55/day through 9/30/2021) or the actual expenses, not to exceed the daily per diem. For each meal being claimed at the per diem rate, enter the appropriate amount in the respective box. The per diem breakdown by meal is $13/person/day for breakfast, $15/person/day for lunch, $26/person/day for dinner, and $5/person/day for incidentals. If actual expenses are claimed, enter the total amount per meal in the respective box.
    Lodging enter the actual lodging costs per day. Original receipts are required.
    Airline Tickets enter the airline ticket expense. Original receipts are required.
    Taxis enter the amount paid for taxis per day. Original receipts are required for amounts over $25.
    Tolls/Parking enter the amount paid for tolls and parking fees per day. Original receipts are required for amounts over $10.
    Moving Costs enter the costs to move the household goods. Original receipts are required.
    Car Rental/Gas enter the cost of a rental car and gas. Original receipts are required.
    Other enter any allowable costs that aren’t included above. Original receipts are required.
    Personal Car Expenses if a personal vehicle was driven, enter the departure location in the From box and the new job site location in the To box. Enter the number of miles. The amount due will be calculated at the IRS moving mileage rate of 18 cents/mile effective Jan 1, 2022 (16 cents/mile in 2021).
  3. Signature of traveler—the employee must sign and date the form. Note: If the form is not completed by the employee, the department employee who completes the form must sign on the Prepared By line.
  4. Signature of Department Chair or Higher—the form must be signed by the department chair/director or next higher in the chain of command.
  5. Forward the approved expense report along with itemized receipts to