9.6.4 Check Cashing/ATM

Check cashing service is at the following locations:

Student Financial Services Center

Administration and Student Services Building (up to $100.00)

1/16/2018 - Annual Review: To reflect current practices, deleted "West Reception Desk Wadsworth Hall (up to $20.00) A valid University identification card is required to cash a check on campus. An automated teller machine is located in the Memorial Union Building"
12/08/2016 - Annual Review: No changes made to content.
02/04/2015 - Annual Review: To reflect current practice, the email address for questions is now policy@mtu.edu. "Cashier's Office" now reads "Student Financial Services Center".
02/27/2014 - Annual Review: Updated Michigan Tech and Handbook banners. Deleted Michigan Tech Employees' Federal Credit Union from the list of locations, since it is no longer housed on campus.
03/28/2013 - Annual Review: Section renumbered - was 9.6.2 Check Cashing/ATM and now reads 9.6.4 Check Cashing/ATM.
07/05/2011 - Annual Review: Was previously 9.7.2. Deleted Convenience Store, increased check amount to $20, and to reflect current University titles and practice, the email address for questions is now hbwebmaster.