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The Board of Trustees is the governing body for Michigan Technological University. The people of the state of Michigan have enacted the following enabling legislation.

The government of the Michigan Technological University, the conduct of the University's affairs, and the control of the University's property shall be vested in a board of eight (8) members, who shall be known as the Board of Trustees of the Michigan Technological University, and who shall be appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice of the Senate.

Among their responsibilities are the bylaws for the governing of the institution, fixing tuition rates and other fees and charges, appointing and removing personnel, determining compensation, conferring degrees, managing gifts, entering agreements, and acquiring and disposing of property.

The Board normally meets five (5) times per year. Any individual who wishes to address the Board of Trustees of the Michigan Technological University should file such intent with the Secretary of the Board five (5) business days prior to the posted meeting date.

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Sarah H. Schulte
General Counsel
Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Room 508, Administration Building
Phone: 906-487-2318
Fax: 906-487-2935




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