9.3 Working Conditions

9.3.1 Closure Policy

  1. Closure Declaration

The President, the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, or their designated representative may decide to declare university closure for a specified period of time (examples might include but are not limited to, prolonged power outage, prolonged loss of heating capability, closure of main highway due to inclement weather). You will be notified by your supervisor and/or University Marketing and Communications will provide notification through local media, i.e., radio and newspaper. Most employees will be allowed to go or stay home with pay. However, operational and other employees required to stay or report to work will receive equal time off at a later date at the convenience of their respective departments. (Senate Proposal 2-95 and University Policy 2.1010).

  1. Weather-Related Absences

It is up to the departments to discuss procedures for communication regarding weather-related absences. During times when weather conditions deteriorate, each person in the University community must exercise personal judgment about their ability to get to or from campus.

Interruptions to your work because of the weather are no different from other events that cause us to leave work early or arrive late. The first thing employees should do is contact their supervisor directly and explain the situation.

Hourly employees can use vacation or comp time to make up for the hours missed due to bad weather. Exempt employees would be expected to fulfill their regular job responsibilities.

Contact the Director of Human Resources at 487-2800 or at rlhiller@mtu.edu.

02/16/2017 - Annual Review: to reflect current language, changed "However, operational and other non-exempt employees required to stay..." to "However, operational and other employees required to stay..." Updated phone number from 487-2280 to 487-2800.
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