Facilities Management

Contact by Building

All building issues are now handled through a web based system called Maintenance Direct. Please use the web site for any and all requests.

This list is for reference only.

No. Building Name

Maintenance & Custodial Issues
Facilities Manager

(Contact Information)

5, 6 Academic Offices/Annex Wendy Hackman
1 Administration Building Wendy Hackman
95 Advanced Technology Development Complex AJ Mikus
9 Alumni House Wendy Hackman
102 APSRC (Blizzard Building) AJ Mikus
13 Center for Diversity & Inclusion (Hamar House) Wendy Hackman
19 Chemical Science & Engineering Wendy Hackman
14 Civil Engineering (Grover C Dillman Hall) Wendy Hackman
32 Daniell Heights AJ Mikus
31 Douglass Houghton Hall Pete Pelissero
8 Dow Environmental Sciences & Eng Wendy Hackman
7 EERC Wendy Hackman
15 Fisher Hall Wendy Hackman
18 Ford Center AJ Mikus
18 Forestry (U J Noblet Forestry & Wood Products) AJ Mikus
50 Gates Tennis Center 487-2578
100 Great Lakes Research Center Wendy Hackman
48 Hillside Place Pete Pelissero
95 KRC AJ Mikus
3 Lakeshore Center AJ Mikus
30 Little Huskies Child Care 487-2578
38-40 McNair Pete Pelissero
20 ME-EM (R L Smith Mech Eng-Eng Mechanics) Wendy Hackman
84 Meese Center (Harold Meese Center) Wendy Hackman
34 Memorial Union Wendy Hackman
103 Mineral Museum AJ Mikus
12 Minerals & Materials Engineering Wendy Hackman
51 Outdoor Adventure (O'Connor House) AJ Mikus
16 Public Safety (Widmaier House) Wendy Hackman
28 Rekhi Hall Wendy Hackman
4 ROTC Wendy Hackman
10 Rozsa Performing Arts & Education Wendy Hackman
24 Student Development Complex 487-2578
45 University Residence AJ Mikus
17 Van Pelt Library Wendy Hackman
37 Wadsworth Hall Pete Pelissero
11 Walker Arts & Humanities Wendy Hackman