Student Disability Services

Disability Services at Michigan Tech provides support and resources for students with or without a documented disability. Students do not need to have documentation of a disability to discuss strategies for college success with the coordinator of student disability services; incoming students who would like to meet with the coordinator should make an appointment as early as possible in their first semester.

Available Accommodations

We offer many accommodations for students who provide supporting documentation of a disability. Below is a list of the accommodations that are currently available.

  • Extended time for work done in class and on tests
  • A quiet or non-distractive environment for testing
  • Consideration for spelling errors during class when spell-checking is not available
  • A volunteer note-taker
  • Instructor-provided course material (e.g., syllabus or test) in large print or online
  • Seating near the front of the class
  • Test reader and/or scribe
  • Tape recording of lectures (with instructor permission)
  • Assistance in labs
  • e-textbooks (e.g., Bookshare)
  • Kurzweil reader
  • Priority registration
  • Other as need identified

Documenting a Disability

In evaluating requests for accommodations, the University will need documentation that consists of an evaluation by an appropriate professional. For information about our documentation policy, please review the Student Disability Policy.

Failure to register a disability with the office in a timely manner will lead to delays in receiving services.

To mail documentation:
Student Disability Services
Dean of Students Office
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton MI 49931-1295

To fax documentation:
(906) 487-3060, Attention Dr. Oslund

While we will review IEP/504 Plans, these tend not to be as helpful in assisting students as actual diagnostic test results with interpretations from medical specialists.

If you have further questions, please call us at (906) 487–2212.