Contact Information:

Ombuds Office

Susanna Peters
Phone: 906-487-2391

Conflict Resolution Network 

Academic and Community Conduct

Administration Building 310
Phone: 906-487-2951

Human Resources

Lakeshore Center
600 Lakeshore Drive, 2nd Floor
Phone:  906-487-2280
Fax:  906-487-3220

Institutional Equity

Beth Lunde-Stockero
Phone: 906-487-3310

Conflict Resolution Options

Seeking Assistance

The Conflict Resolution Network assists students, staff and faculty with conflict resolution. If you would like to speak with a member of the Conflict Resolution Network, please select the request conflict assistance button above. Please note, that this option is not considered confidential. All requests for assistance are considered private and only need to know individuals will review and respond to you. 

If you prefer, you may address concerns or questions confidentially. Students, faculty, and staff may contact the Office of the Ombuds at or 906-487-2391. Students may contact the Center for Student Mental Health and Wellbeing at 906- 487-2538 or

How do you know which option is right for you? 

The Conflict Resolution Network provides several options for resolving conflicts between students, faculty and staff at Michigan Tech. Restorative practices focus on addressing harmful behavior, community needs, how to restore trust in a responsible party and provide an opportunity for community healing. All restorative processes are voluntary and both the impacted party and responsible party must agree upon the process.

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Options for Conflict Resolution

Meeting with a member of the Conflict Resolution Network can help you to determine how to move forward. For additional information, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.