Sustainable Pavement Design and Construction—Graduate Certificate

Use innovation and strategy in pavement engineering.

The certificate will introduce students to best practices in pavement design and construction, with a strong emphasis on recent advances in sustainability. Learn about asphalt and concrete materials. Deploy mechanistic-empirical pavement design methods, life cycle assessment, life cycle cost analysis, and sustainability practices in project procurement and construction. Apply advanced knowledge of innovative materials in design and specification of construction practices. Create long-term performance and reduce environmental impacts while improving access and socioeconomic equity.

Stand out by graduating from the #18 national university for public service (Washington Monthly).

Progress quickly with a compact curriculum.

Work with the program advisor to select courses that fit your interests and prerequisite skills. This is a 9-credit certificate.

Check your preparation.

Here are some of the pre-requisite courses for this certificate.

Take 6 credits of required courses.

Take CEE 4401 Pavement Design and choose either CEE 5109 or CEE 5350.

Take a 3 credit elective course.

Take an elective which is not already counted in required coursework.

The minimum completion time is two semesters.

Here is a typical schedule.

Fall Spring
CEE 4401 CEE 5109 or CEE 5350

Upon completion of the certificate, students will be able to:

  1. Apply life cycle assessment and explain how it applies to innovative and sustainable pavement designs.
  2. Apply pavement design guides, standards and construction best practice frameworks, to pavement selection and project procurement.