Emma Zawisza

Emma Zawisza
  • BA Liberal Arts 2012
  • MS Industrial Archaeology 2016

Emma Zawisza (Schwaiger) earned her BA in Liberal Arts in 2012 and her MS in Industrial Archaeology in 2016 from Michigan Tech. Following in some of her family member's footsteps, Emma chose Michigan Tech when she was two years old. The size of the school, winter sports, pep band, and great academics sealed the deal as she grew up and it came time to make a college decision.

Emma recalls many memorable experiences during her lifetime at Michigan Tech, including skiing at Ripley, pep band trips, seeing the Northern Lights, and meeting forever friends as well as her husband. She also notes her classes with Larry Lankton, explaining that the way he taught made her feel like she was attending storytime instead of actual class as he related the subjects well to students and allowed hands-on learning.

After graduation, Emma started her career at BLDI Environmental Engineering, where she remains today as an associate project manager. She had the opportunity to work her way up while attending conferences, helping train others, and continuously learning. In her career, she has presented at several conferences and become a Registered Professional Archaeologist as well as an Environmental Professional.

"Being able to think critically is something that Michigan Tech really tries to instill in students, which is extremely important in the workplace," Emma said. She encourages students to be mindful about their goals, but remember to have fun along the way. "Get involved with things you enjoy outside of class/jobs and remember that your life is more than your accomplishments," she said. "Be compassionate and kind to others, but also to yourself. You are worth it!"

An active member of the Michigan Tech Alumni Board of Directors, Emma donates her time and talents back to current students and alumni of the University. "MTU gave me a second family, a new home, and the tools to create a wonderful life after graduation," Emma said. "Had others not stepped forward to help MTU, and in turn help me during my time in school, I would not be where I am today."

Updated September 2022