Emily Prehoda

Emily Prehoda
  • MS Environmental & Energy Policy 2016
  • PhD Environmental & Energy Policy 2019

Emily Prehoda is the Chief Operations Officer of Chart House Energy, a solar development company based in Muskegon, Michigan. Emily graduated with a Master of Science and PhD from Michigan Technological University in the Environmental and Energy Policy program.  

Emily’s career at Chart House Energy started with supporting the team to develop testimony and intervention strategies in Michigan on energy policy issues on behalf of utility ratepayers and the solar industry. After 2 years with the company, Emily moved into a leadership role where she currently manages the Chart House Energy production team to develop and install community highimpact solar arrays across Michigan. Emily has more than seven years of experience in solar energy policy research and project development. She enjoys exploring how solar solutions are adapted to meet evolving energy needs. She currently lives in Muskegon, Michigan, with her husband, Dean, and pups, River and Ophelia.

Copied from the 2023 Academy of Sciences and Arts Induction Ceremony

Updated November 2023