Nathalie Osborn

Nathalie Osborn
  • BS Mechanical Engineering 1995

After graduating from Tech in 1995, Nathalie held her first job within the automotive industry, where she traveled to auto plants installing laser cameras as "eyes" for robots that installed windshields, back windows and roofs for multiple OEMs. In 2000, she entered into the energy industry as a field tech installing hydrogen fuel cell engines into demo cars. This opportunity lead her to an amazing career where she currently works on energy efficiency, distributed generation, and renewable energy projects in residential, commercial and government markets. She has helped with the development, deployment, and installation of over $500M in energy projects and programs so far! Currently, Nathalie is the Director of Smart Grid Initiatives, at NextEnergy, a Detroit based non-profit working with innovators to accelerate smarter, cleaner more accessible smart grid and smart mobility solutions.  She is also a Board Member of Advancing Women in Energy!

Besides Alpha Delta Alpha leading to incredible friendships that span across generations of Sisters, Nathalie's greatest memory from Greek life was inspiring AΔAs to participate in Greek Week activities. She notes that it was not something they were really energized about when she joined the sorority. Although, as Social Chair her Senior year, she fired up her sisters to go all-in. The spark was lit when their theme was picked to represent the week, and drive did not slow down there! AΔAs were unstoppable at foosball and they continued to place in many competitions.  She remembers how they surprised not only everyone else but also themselves when they took home the Greek Week trophy that year, a giant 3-foot trophy if her memory serves her right!  Seeing  Actives' post and sharing their Greek Week festivities still energizes her to this day. 

As great experiences go at Michigan Tech, they are endless. From joining AΔAs to her Shangri La broomball team to getting paired with a roommate who became her best friend to intense MUB and ME-EM "fishbowl" study sessions - her Michigan Tech education, friendships, and memories have fueled her life!

Nathalie likes to call herself a fun energizer and loves fueling "people" energy.  She shares her ideas in a chapter, she authored called Powering Personal Energy - the kW of Leadership in the book Ignite your Leadership: Proven Tools for Leaders to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum and Accelerate Results, which became an international bestseller in 2017.

 From "Fraternity and Sorority Life at Michigan Tech" on Facebook - Updated Sept. 2019