Dennis Garceau

Dennis  Garceau
  • BS Chemical Engineering 1969

Mr. Dennis C. Garceau, a native of Ishpeming, Michigan, received his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Michigan Tech in 1969. He left that year for Decatur, Illinois to join the Archer Daniels Midland Company. After a brief apprenticeship, he served in various engineering and managerial positions in Illinois, South Carolina, Kansas, Minnesota, and France before returning to Decatur to manage the construction and start-up of its new corn wet milling plant and its entry into the alcohol market with its new potable alcohol facility.

After spending eight years managing ADM’s soybean crushing, refining, and packaging operation, Dennis was transferred to Europe as the Vice-President of European Operations. After six years in Europe, he returned to Decatur as Vice President of the Oilseed Processing Division with global responsibilities for Production and Engineering. In 2000, he was made a Corporate Officer and President of Technical Services. In 2001, he was appointed Global Technical Director and presently is serving as Vice President/Manufacturing and Technical Services, with global responsibility for the Oilseed, Cocoa, Nutraceutical, Grain, Milling, Co-generation, Design Services, and Fabrication divisions. He and his wife Carla have four children.

From 2003 Induction to the Department of Chemical Engineering Academy