Iver Anderson

Iver  Anderson
  • BS Metallurgical Engineering 1975

Iver Anderson '75 was named 2006 Inventor of the Year by the Iowa Intellectual Property Law Association. The award is given to an inventor who has made the most outstanding contribution to Iowa through his or her invention. Anderson is a senior metallurgist at Ames Laboratory and an Iowa State University adjunct professor of materials science and engineering. He received his master's and PhD from Wisconsin-Madison after graduating from Tech.

Anderson developed a lead-free solder alloy consisting of tin, silver, and copper that was patented in the United States in 1996 and 2001. In addition to its environmental advantages, Anderson's lead-free solder offers a lower melting temperature and greater strength than other lead-free solder alternatives. These properties are especially important in prolonged high-heat conditions, such as those found in computers and cell phones.

"My fundamental training at Tech gave me the curiosity and courage to question the established phase diagram for tin-silver-copper, which eventually led to the discovery of our basic lead-free solder alloy," Anderson said. read more at http://www.admin.mtu.edu/urel/magazine/winter06/association.html

Excerpted from Michigan Tech Magazine, Winter 2006-2007