Alumni and Friends

What is a Chapter?

Local chapters are an accessible, fun, friendly, and consistent point of contact for alumni. They bring alumni together to provide quality local programs and events. They appeal to a wide variety of alumni by offering a diverse range of activities. Read this list of current chapter events.

Chapters are a source of information about the University, Michigan Tech Alumni Association (MTUAA), the Michigan Tech Fund, and they provide a local contact for alumni, parents, and current and future students.

How Chapters Work

Chapters foster a welcoming and inclusive environment. Great chapters communicate regularly and effectively with alumni and the MTUAA. Chapters plan for the future by recruiting new volunteers and leadership.

Chapter Expectations

Chapters are the main point of contact for MTUAA activities in each regional area. We ask that every chapter strive to maintain a consistent presence within their community by:

  • Hosting at least one event per year (happy hour, pasty picnic)
  • Supporting Michigan Tech special events (official athletic events in area, academic events, admissions activities)
  • Communicating effectively with alumni and the MTUAA

Some chapters may have additional programming that could include (not required):

  • Scholarship program
  • Multiple events per year
  • Newsletter
  • Officers (president, vice president, treasurer, et al)

Are you interested in taking an active role in your area chapter? Learn more about chapter involvement.